Monday, March 18, 2013


Something super exciting happened last week! I was contacted by Aaron, a co-founder of RallyPoint, Harvard Business School student, and Iraq War veteran, to be a part of the first-ever RallyPoint blogger team! (Interested in credentials? Check out this Forbes article!) 

Think of RallyPoint as a free, secure and professional military version of Linked-In. It connects service members with the information and people they need to put themselves on the career trajectory that they want. Use RallyPoint to connect with other service members, earn introductions to influential leaders, gain personal and individual career advice, and investigate PCS opportunities. The site also pinpoints service members and opportunities by geographic location, so you can make sure you're networking in your area or in locations you'll PCSing or deploying to. Right now, RallyPoint is in it's first ground-breaking stages and has a lot of fantastic plans in store.

(Did I also mention that their advisory board includes two former Chiefs of Staff? Yeah, they're not messing around here)

If you or someone you know is serving through active duty, National Guard, active reserve, ROTC, or  service academies, join and begin using RallyPoint! Here's something else awesome: the program will eventually open to vets, Department of Defense civilians, and military spouses, so you can register and receive updates to let you know when more services are available. 

Check it out and see for yourself!

And now, you know you want to enter our Freakin' Awesome March Giveaway! With $40 in gift cards and $40+ in advertising space, you can't afford not to enter! 

Disclaimer: I am not compensated for this blog post or any subsequent blog posts about RallyPoint; I am, however, compensated for referrals from this and other subsequent posts. All opinions--both positive or otherwise-- are completely mine. I only review, refer, and suggest products that I believe in and that I would use.
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