100 in 365

This is not my complete list for 2013-2014. Over the next few days I'll be adding to it! 

Read the Bible in a year. 
Read Louisa and Marmee.
Read Allegiant.
Read Les Mis.
Read The Count of Monte Cristo.
Read Candide.
Read The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
Read Elders.
Read The Three Musketeers.
Finally finish the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.
Read American Sphinx.
Read the new JK Rowling book.

Run the Pittsburgh half-marathon with John in May. And really run it.
Get to my high school weight and stay there.
Bake more bread.
Make homemade crackers.

Learn Something New
Re-learn how to sew.
Take a cake decorating class. 
Learn how to make sushi. 
Take a self-defense class.

Write 6 short stories (0/6).
 Enter at least 2 more short story contests or submit at least 2 more short stories for publication somewhere. (0/2) 

Making Stuff
Make 12 new dinner recipes over the next 12 months. (0/12)
Make homemade marshmallows.
Complete two of the cross stitch wall hangings I bought for our first place together. (0/2)
Finish the quilt Mom and I started last year.
Make at least two cross stitched Santas for my Santa tree. (0/2)
Find a delicious recipe for and make fried green tomatoes.

Going Places and Seeing People
Plan a sister's weekend sometime this year.
Go to a quilt show with Mom.
Try hiking and camping.
Go to PSU Homecoming. 
See Becky's last game at PSU.
Attend Becky's graduation ceremony.

 Log at least 80 hours in interviews for TFA. (0/80)
Begin freelance writing.

Play an April Fool's prank.
Go to karaoke with my sisters.
Do 20 random acts of kindness that are out-of-my-way—not just holding a door open, etc. (0/20)

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