Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Eye Spy...

I'm just going to put it out there: I wore awesome black eyeglasses way before hipsters discovered it. I was wearing them around the time of Whose Line is it Anyway? That's right. In high school, my style icon was Drew Carey.
That generally went the way of the dodo bird when I hit college and went for sleek, frameless glasses. I love the way I look in those, but I've been secretly harboring my love for my Drew Careys too. So, I was excited when contacted me to review their products (and I was even more excited when I saw that they had the exact kind of glasses I used to wear in high school). 

I'll admit it: I was very nervous about ordering prescription glasses from the internet since, for me, they're not just a fashion item-- I really do need them to see. However, it really was super easy, once I had gotten my prescription from my eye doctor. A few clicks and I was ready to go!

The hardest thing was trying to decide which pair would look best on me. (They do have a widget that helps you "try" on glasses virtually.) I'm not sure if what I chose looks the best on me, but I do love the design by itself. The glasses were shipped very quickly, and I actually cannot tell a difference between the quality of the glasses I bought online and those that I would normally buy from a brick-and-mortar store.All glasses come with a hard case, cleaning cloth, and a card verifying the prescription you ordered (if you ordered prescription glasses).

The total of my glasses (frames and lenses)-- with prescription and shipping-- came to $45. I think that's pretty impressive by any metric. If you want to buy glasses on a budget, check out They feature a lot of different Sales & Coupons that can help reduce the price and get you the best possible price. And, since you're a reader of my blog, you can use this special discount coupon to take 10% off: Blog10.

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Disclaimer: provided me with a gift certificate so that I could buy glasses to review for this post. All opinions--both positive or otherwise-- are completely mine. I only review, refer, and suggest products that I believe in and that I would use.
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