Monday, July 15, 2013

6 Care Packages Under $15

We're off on our honeymoon! I will be far away from the computer (although I promise I've got a lot of awesome, new posts in store upon my return.) While I'm gone, I've got scheduled posts for you! 

I began blogging at the end of August last year. For the first few months, I had a readership of, oh, my Mom.  (I love you, Mom! Thanks!) Suddenly, around December, my readership began to take off (thanks, Pinterest!). So, while I'm away, I'm bringing back some of the oldies-but-goodies that you may have missed if you haven't been reading along since the beginning.

Care packages are expensive. While I never kept track (and I know, I know, I should have!) of the cost of each full-sized care package, I think mine (including postage) ranged between $40-$60, depending on the contents.

In between the full-sized boxes I sent, I tried to supplement with other creative ideas to help to ease the financial strain. Here are six great ideas that will (no lie!) cost $15 or less (and that's including postage)! Click on each picture for directions and lists of the contents!

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