Saturday, July 20, 2013

51 Tips for Deployment, Homecoming, & Everything in Between

We're off on our honeymoon! I will be far away from the computer (although I promise I've got a lot of awesome, new posts in store upon my return.) While I'm gone, I've got scheduled posts for you! 

Towards the end of John's deployment, I began reflecting on the past year and wrote a series of posts about everything that had happened and what I had learned from it. I don't pretend to be an expert at deployment or military stuff. I know there are many brave women (and men) who have dealt with the deployment of their loved one many more times than I have (or probably ever will). Instead, I was basically writing posts that I wish someone would have written for me at the beginning of John's deployment.

Surprisingly (or perhaps, not-so), the deployment and homecoming posts have been the most viral posts I've written and the ones I've received the most comments on. The response really was amazing and I am so grateful for it-- it made me feel like a contributor to a community that I previously felt very distant and removed from. I thought I would put these posts all in one place now that John and I will be embarking on a brand new adventure that is considerably more fun and exciting than deployment-- married life!

So here they are, every single informative deployment and homecoming post I've written over the last three months. (If you just have to have more, I may write more... the door's not closed! But for the moment, I am excited to begin sharing all-- and I mean all-- of our wedding DIYs and preparations with you!) Click on the photo for the accompanying article!



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