Wednesday, February 27, 2013

You are Cordially Invited... join...
I started my 100 in 365 two months after John left on his deployment. As I looked at the year from the beginning of the deployment, it seemed like a giant, empty hole. While I'm not done with it yet, it has helped me stay focused on the things that I really want to get done while John is away.

I've noticed that other blogs have similar lists. If you've got one, no matter what you call it--  a bucket list, a 10 in 12, a 101 in 1001, a 25 before 25, or something else-- link it up, slap the button on your page, and be part of a directory that's full of optimism, adventure, and awesomeness! Head on over now!

Today, I'm linking up with Simply Summer and Walking in the Light for a Wednesday Facebook page hop. Link your Facebook page, hop around, and join us!

Hop Rules:
1. Don't forget to follow 1-3
2. Remember to link up with your Facebook Page, NOT your blog!
3. Try and visit some fellow Facebook pages and leave facebook love!
4. Have fun and hopefully make some new friends!!

If you are interested in co-hosting with us, please email


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