Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Fail Box

I'm an exceptionally detail-oriented person. Little things that are out of place bug me. I'm not clinically OCD, but I'm probably just a shade away from it.  For example: I'm having a difficult time picking wedding invitations because it bothers me that the font of our Save the Dates and the wedding invitations won't match. 

Writing it makes it sound even crazier. Believe me, there are things I completely let slide-- like exercise or learning math or getting my oil changed every however long it's supposed to be-- but crafty, visual things, I just cannot. 

That's why it pains me to show you this box. The idea was cute. The execution was... not. 

This box was one of three that I threw together right after John went back to Afghanistan after his R&R. This was my left over food box-- whatever didn't fit into the Super Bowl and F Words boxes got crammed into this one. And yes, I had to use extra boxing tape to make sure the sides didn't split out on its trip to Afghanistan. 

I also made and sent along Empty Pantry Bars-- my very own granola bar creation.

The failure of this box was the decorations. The colors just didn't work, and the flaps are hard to read. The outside of the box says, "Hey Good Lookin'." That's easy to see; however, the inside flaps should read, "Here's What's Cookin'." The letters and background just didn't work, and I had too little time to fix it and try again. 

The good thing is that I don't think John notices the decorations too much. Especially for this box. I'm fairly certain he just ripped into the granola bars the minute he saw them.  And that's a very, very good thing!

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