Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Date (Box) to Remember!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Today has been a pretty tough day-- not because John's gone, but because my students were so hyped up on sugar that they were almost literally bouncing off the walls. Add to that numerous enormous stuffed bears, Macy's-Parade-sized balloons, and gigantic sweets, and you can understand the difficulties of my day.  

So, while dealing with sugar-rushing, hormone-raging teens today, I went to my happy place: Valentine's Day last year. John was close to Baltimore for some training, so we were able to go on an honest-to-goodness, in-the-flesh, really-real Valentine's Day date. It was the first Valentine's Day we spent together, and it was fantastic: one of the best dates-- nay, best evenings-- ever.

When I came up with the box, I was feeling a little sorry for myself. I wanted to relive that night. And then, I realized that we could! Distance be damned! So, I sent John a Valentine's Day dinner box with everything to recreate that night and for us to share a dinner together
John took me to Il Porto, a fantastic Italian restaurant. We had a fantastic three-course dinner complete with candles and linens, so of course, the box had to have a place setting equal to the restaurant's ambiance! Yes, this dinner is so fancy that I just had to include a plastic champagne flute and a menu.  (I have a matching glass and the same napkins and plates for myself.)  You guys know me-- I embrace the cheesy-- and there's a whole lot of cheese in the menu!

Appetizer: Trader Joseph's Bruschetta with Handcrafted Cracker Thins
(I sent a jar of Trader Joe's bruschetta, which is one of John's favorite items for me to send. I also sent him a bag of the homemade Wheat Thins I shared this week.) 

Main Course: Tender Rotini with Fire-Roasted Tomato Sauce  (You guessed it-- it's a Healthy Choice microwavable meal!) 

Dessert: A pair of Double Chocolate Sweet Cherry Cookies (I also blogged about this recipe this week!) 

While our dinner was amazing last year, the best part was the time that we spent together. We walked around town holding hands and window shopping. To represent this, I took one of my gloves that no longer has a partner, and filled it with rice. John can microwave it, slip it into his uniform, and use it as a hand warmer. That night, we visited an insanely cute candy store and had fun buying way, way, way too much candy. So, I sent him a few of Six-Minute Vanilla Caramels.  And, of course, there's the goodnight kiss.  I packed a Hershey's Kiss. 

Next year, we'll have another Valentine's Day to share together, but for this year, we'll make do with Skype and a Healthy Choice meal. (Nothing says love like pasta at 10 PM for me-- and 7:30 AM for him!) Still, I am so lucky that John has internet access. I absolutely cannot complain. Not even one tiny bit! 

I didn't think the box would make it to John in time-- especially when Winter Storm Nemo hit the East Coast. Today, John emailed me-- he got the box in the nick of time! Now, pardon me as I paint my nails and do my hair! I have a hot date tonight!

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