Thursday, December 27, 2012

Crowdsourcing a Care Package

I am eighteen years old and falling in love with my coast guard boyfriend. He has been underway once since we've been together or official as some would say. And he will be going underway once again in [the spring]...I want to send him sort of a care package. But since I cannot send it after he leaves I was hoping to find it all before he goes, and let him open [it] after he goes [underway again]...Now here comes the crazy part, WHAT THE HECK DO I GET HIM FOR ALASKA?!? Please help me find some cute ideas. I've thought of hand warmers, toe warmers, mint chocolates that he loves, and cute little proverbs we send each other. Feel free to email me back or run free with the idea. 
Thanks a million,
I think Chelsea's got a great start there. I've never been to Alaska, but just thinking about it makes me cold. I think the hand and toe warmers would be fantastic!  And, she's tailoring the care package to things she knows her boyfriend enjoys.
Here's what I suggested: 
  • olive tapenade (or other spreads)
  • salsa
  • crackers
  • homemade cookies
  • homemade granola bars (John swears by these.)
  • teas
  • coffees
  • hot chocolates
(Just be careful-- I doubt that there's refrigeration underway, so make sure that the foods you send don't need to be chilled after opening.)
  • photos
  • mini scrapbooks
  • mixed CDs (or loading mp3s onto his iPod)
  • SD cards with pictures and video
  • letters (Number them so he knows in what order to open them. If that matters, of course.)
  • a touchstone (A small stuffed animal-- like a Beanie Baby-- or something that means something to the two of you.)
I've never sent a care package to someone underway; however, it would make sense to me that most of what Chelsea's boyfriend would need or would be able to keep would be consumables. That way he wouldn't have too much to store in what, I'm assuming, will be a very small personal space. 

Have you sent care packages to someone underway? Help out Chelsea and sling her some of your fabulous ideas! Either comment, tweet, or Facebook them! 

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