Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Alone Snow More

Today John opened up the "Jo" snowglobe.  When I bought them, this blog was nowhere on my radar. I simply bought one that said "Jo" because I can never find my name correctly spelled and capitalized on racks of personalized items. There's always a Joanne, Johanna, or Jo Ann, but never a Joanna. Jo is something a few of my friends call me, but not my family and not John. But, throwing tradition to the wind, last year, I decided to buy  the "Jo" one along with the "John" one. I guess I couldn't bear the idea of John the Snowman hanging on a tree by himself when his real-life namesake would be without his other half, too. At least our little snowmen will be able to spend Christmas together!

snow globe snowglobe christmas snowman john jo ornament tree
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  1. Love it! I'm so glad your snow people get to be together! So sweet!


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