Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Milestone and an Ornament

Today's ornament is my favorite. It might not be the cutest or funniest, but it's my favorite. And, I'm going to make you wait and first read through the beginning of this post because...
We've. Finally. Hit. Six. Months. 

That's right. 

Six months of John's deployment are officially over today! 182 days down the tubes. 4,368 hours gone for-ev-er. We're at the peak of Deployment Mountain! We're halfway across Deployment Ocean. We've made it to insert-a-ridiculously-excited-metaphor-here! I'm not going to go on a gigantic, rambling post about the last six months (mostly because I did that when we hit 100 days). More than anything, today, I am overwhelmed with gratitude for our friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers who have been so gracious and kind to us. Words fail to describe how absolutely blessed John and I are. I don't think I will ever feel that I've adequately expressed my thanks and love to everyone who has supported us during this deployment. It means so very, very much.

And now, to today's ornament! I designed this mitten originally as two separate mittens for two separate days. However, when I finished making them, I plunked them down next to each other on the living room floor (where I sit to do all of my crafts...well, actually, where I sit to do almost everything) and thought that it would be much better to intertwine the mittens than have them hanging separately on the tree. I'm a sap, I know, but I've had too much of separation lately. So, I stitched 'em together. I think they're cuter and more unique that way.  And looking at the pictures of them makes me really excited for John's leave and for a walk or two outside this winter.

I've got a template for you (as promised). I will note that the "me" and "you" stitched onto the mittens was freehand, and I didn't include it in the template. I was lucky that they both turned out as decently as they did; I wouldn't recommend it unless you're prepared to rip out stitches a billion times.

Happy Thursday! Happy Halfway-Done-With-Deployment! Happy 19  Days Until Christmas! Happy Crafting!

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  1. I seriously teared up when I saw these. Guess I'm a little sappy, too! So adorable and the story behind them makes them even more precious.

    Here's to praying that the next 6 months just fly by! I can only imagine... You both are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Thank you for linking these up to our 12 Days of Christmas {Goodies}. I've enjoyed each post you've linked up tremendously.

    1. Thanks so much, Julie. :-) That really means a lot to me and is so kind!

  2. That's so cute! What a shame he can't come home for Christmas!

    1. It's okay-- he'll be home on R&R this winter, so we'll just have a second Christmas then. :-) It'll all work out! While it will be sad not to have him home, I'm just glad he'll get to come home for a little. :-D


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