Monday, October 1, 2012

Bootiful Treats!

Finally, it's October! I thought September would never end! (I'm pretty sure September was actually 60 days this year, not 30!) It's time to celebrate one of the best months of the year with candy and crafts!

I've been working on Halloween treats to send to John and his coworkers for the last weekish. I couldn't stand how cute the candy bar covers were, so I showed John over video chat. They're not longer a surprise for him, so I can share them with you! (And then you can make them ahead of Halloween, too!)  Follow along for a free template!

The perfect thing about candy bar covers is that you can do one, or a whole bunch! I decided to do a bunch of 'em to ship to John and his coworkers, but you could always just do one to surprise a friend!

I decided to try my hand at creating my own candy bar cover. Kit-Kat bars are the perfect size for a monster's head. Click the picture of Frankenstein's Monster for a PDF template! It's a Jo, My Gosh! exclusive! 

Cost: $2 (or less, depending on the materials you have at home)
  • $1ish for the Kit-Kat (less if you buy in bulk)
  • $1 for 100 googly eyes (found at Five Below) 
  • scissors
  • green, black and grey paper (I used cardstock, but construction paper will work, too.) 
  • clear tape 
  • adhesive googly eyes
  • red and black markers
  1. Download and print the template. Cut out the face, hair, and neck bolts.
  2. Trace each part on the corresponding color paper and cut it out. 
  3. Center the monster's face on the front of the candy bar and then tape the seam in the back.
  4. Center the monster's hair on the top of his head and then tape the seam in the back. 
  5. Secure each neck bolt by taping it against the side of the candy bar. Once taped, fold the bolts backward to make them stand out from the monster's face.
  6. Draw your monster's face, add a scar or two, and stick those googly eyes on!

Tune in tomorrow for another candy bar template!
 Happy Fall!!

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