Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bootiful Treats, Part Deux

 Yesterday, after posting about my Frankenstein's Monster template I promised more candy bar wrappers , and if there's one thing I don't do, it's disappoint.  So without further ado...

I cannot take any credit for the ideas for these amazing candy bar covers. I found the ideas and template at this amazing site.

Because the directions for both of these and the template for the bats are listed on the site, I won't add anything at all except for these 2 notes: 

  1. I used regular tape to secure the mummy's wrapping on the back of the candy bar; however, for the bats, I used double-sided tape for a cleaner finish. 
  2. And, to help mitigate some of the time it took to cut out the bats, I decided to cut off the bats' feet. I don't think it changes the look at all, and takes less time... which equals, more bats! :-) 

Each candy bar costs just over $1 to make-- especially if you have all of the materials to begin with. (And you should have the googly eyes from yesterday's craft, anyway!) 

Make one or two and throw 'em in a bubble mailer! They're sure to make someone smile! 

Stay tuned tomorrow for part three of "It Came From Underneath the Wrapper!"

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