Thursday, August 15, 2013

Review: Cardstore

Disclaimer: I was contacted by the folks at Cardstore to try their service. I was compensated with a product for this review.All opinions and observations are mine. 

Cardstore is an online shop that sells unique greeting cards at an affordable price. The best thing, in my opinion is that there are so many card options to choose from. The topics are wide-ranging, unlike some brick-and-mortar card stores. All of the cards can be customized with text, and many of them can be with photos.

Since my youngest sister, Becky, is heading back to college and will need a little sunshine in her mailbox from time to time, I decided to order a card for her. Cardstore has the ability to send the card for you (as well as schedule cards and remind you about important dates like birthdays and anniversaries), but I didn't utilize this service since I wanted to wait to send it to her a bit later

I really enjoyed browsing the cards-- they're inventive and well designed! After looking, and looking, and looking for that perfect card, I came across the "Encouragement Cards" section. I finally settled on "You're the Sumo" because 1) how cute is that panda!? and 2) how cute is that panda!?  After customizing the inside text with some witty repartee that will (hopefully) make Becky laugh, I had the card shipped to my home address. (Did I mention they'll also print your return address on the envelope, which is awesome since we just moved here and I have no address labels!)

It's always a leap of faith to order something online and not be able to touch or see it. And that leap of faith is always a little bit harder when you're buying something to give to someone else. However, when I received the card, I was very happy with it's quality. It was definitely a card that I would have no problem sending to anyone, and consequently, a service that I would consider using again!

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