Sunday, August 25, 2013

DIY Wedding Table Numbers

We're back from attending a wedding in California, and I'm ready to share more wedding stuff with you! Yay! 

John and I met in college, but we only started dating after he was in the Navy. (We do things the hard way. Never the easy way for the two of us.)  Our entire relationship was long distance, so we thought it would be fun to name each table as a place that is important to our relationship. We tried to match each place with a coordinating picture. I don't think anyone noticed, but I set the table numbers up so they told our story-- the first guest table was where we met and the last was where we'll be PCS-ing next, with everything else in between in order.

You'll Need:
  • Microsoft Publisher (or other design program)
  • 5x7 photo paper
  • glue tape or glue dots (I found that the tape works wonders!)
  • 5.5x7.5 scrapbook card stock paper (I found a 100 pack at Michaels for about $8.)

How I Created the Look: 

I created a template using the generic 5x7 paper size on Microsoft Publisher and then dragged and dropped photos and text that I needed for each. (I also used grayscale in the program for the photos, so I didn't have to mess with creating and saving other copies of the pictures themselves.)

After I printed all of the cards, I rolled the glue tape on the back of each one, and centered it and pressed it onto a sheet of cardstock. 

We haven't gotten our professional pictures back yet, so I don't have any clear photos of how the tables looked at the wedding.  However, if you want to create this look for your own, we used small, black easel stands to prop the cards up. (A post about our centerpieces is to follow soon!)

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