Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Am a Sushi Ninja!

One of the hands-down worst things about Afghanistan (you know, after the weather, the IEDs, the decade-long quagmire of weapons and man power, et cetera, et cetera) is that there is simply no sushi to be found.  I know, right? Who woulda thunk? 

John loves sushi. One of the last meals we ate on the day John deployed was some amazing sushi at the mall (you have got to love a place that reels you in with free spicy crab roll samples). We regularly talk about getting sushi when John comes home, too. (Yes, a lot of our communication revolves around food. Our mutual love of delicious comestibles is one of the strongest pillars of our relationship. Especially salt on pizza. Yum!)

But I digress. Anyway, John hasn't had sushi in over three months. Torturous. And, while I can't send the poor guy real sushi in the mail, I found a sweet (literally) recipe for candy sushi. I fell in love with it immediately. If you follow the link, the directions are spot-on and worked perfectly.

I used Swedish Fish and Mike 'n' Ikes for the sushi fillers. The Mike 'n' Ikes were a little tough to cut, but I was also using a kinda-sorta dull bread knife since everything else was in the dishwasher. Next time, I think I'm going to use longer candies (Sour Punch Ropes, Twizzlers, etc.) to make it look just a little more like real sushi.

As much as I fell in love with how absolutely adorable the sushi looked, I loved the packaging even more. My sister gave me the awesome pun (visit her hilarious Tumblr here!) and I decorated the inside of the box with it. Best thing ever? I figured out that if I packaged the sushi in a 9x7 fudge pan, with just a tiny little bit of bending, it fits perfectly in the small Priority Mail box. That means it cost just a little over $5 to send John a little bit of delicious happiness! Win, all the way around!



  1. It was still good when he got it? I want to send it to my soldier but wasn't sure it would keep? How did you package it so that it was good?

  2. It takes about 5-6 days for John to get Priority mail. John said that it tasted great. I can't vouch for longer than a week, but Rice Krispie treats should be able to keep at least for a week and a half without getting stale. As for packaging, I just wrapped it a bunch of times with plastic wrap and then secured it all with tape.

  3. How sweet, I bet stuff like this makes John smile.

  4. This is adorable!! Definitely keeping this idea in my back pocket ;)


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