Monday, March 17, 2014

3 Free Photo Editing Programs for Your Blog

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post all about free blogging resources that I had found in the wilds of the internet (4 Free Blogging Resources You Aren't Using (But Should Be!)). I'm sharing again-- this time it's all about photo editing. 

I'm the first one to tell you that the strength of my blog does not lie in my photography or my photo editing. There are other blogs that do it much, much better with much, much more beautiful photos than mine. I am by no means an expert. And if I'm honest, I'm not aiming to be. Photography-- while it's fun-- is not my passion. I would rather be writing and thinking up new, creative ideas! 

I know that quite a lot of bloggers use Photoshop, but an equal number of bloggers aren't there. They either don't want to buy the program (or don't know where to get a bootlegged copy).  So for those of you who aren't attached to your DSLR (or who don't know what that is), or for those of you looking for different options when it comes to photo editing, here are 3 programs that I can really get behind: 

PicMonkey is honestly my go-to photo editor. The vast majority of my graphics and photos are designed through this service. I love that I can design graphics quickly and get them on the blog within minutes. There is a premium version (which I don't subscribe to) so some of your stylistic choices are limited if you're using the free version. I don't think it's a big deal, nor has it really hindered me in my (limited) design experience. 

Fotor  has basically the same interface as PicMonkey and you're essentially able to do the same things with it. The biggest perk of Fotor is that it's entirely free. Unlike PicMonkey, there is (currently) no pay structure or deluxe version. You aren't locked out of any graphics or fonts. I use Fotor when I'm kind of tired PicMonkey's fonts, graphics, or styles. 

You're not going to use Canva as your exclusive photo editor since PicMonkey and Fotor do that much better. But... if you're looking at creating infographics or highly stylized graphics that are already touched-up, this is your mule. Canva offers a lot of templates, graphics, and fonts for your perusal and use, but they are offered on an a la carte basis. Free options are clearly labeled and there are a bunch of them.  

What are your go-to tricks of the trade when it comes to photo editors?

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